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My brother Franklyn Reid, killed by a police officer in 1998, became a landmark case in Connecticut.

Judge Gill (trial judge) and I authored a factual story about a case which touched many lives. We start by dedicating our book “To innocent victims of crimes and brave police officers.” We present the emotional struggle both families (victim and officer) endured. We highlight the bravery of law enforcement and courageous acts by medical personnel and eyewitnesses. We detail the journey through the justice system which began with Waterbury State Attorney John Connelly. He opened the legal gate which Judge Gill presided over the trial. Events before and after the trial saw divided communities and supporters hold public demonstrations of which the media captured every moment (some priceless). The words spoken by lawyers, experts, community members, media, journalists, Judge Gill, and I culminate with a powerful unity message.

We believe the public can learn from this moment in time and rediscover its path towards supporting each other. Death by Cop: A Call for Unity launches January 2020 and could become a great resolution for our country.

An unexpected book, with an uplifting message, could deliver courage for others to tell their personal stories.